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Math Motivators Tutor Spotlight: Tim White Tim White tutors during a Math Motivators session at Portland High School. When a student feels like they’re not “good” at math, it can be a frustrating and stressful experience going to class and tutoring sessions each day. As a volunteer tutor with The Actuarial Foundation’s Math Motivators tutoring [...]
Math Motivators Tutor Spotlight: Kayla Hill Kayla Hill tutors during a Math Motivators session at Portland High School. In college, Kayla Hill taught coding classes to kindergarten and first grade students, but she thought her teaching days were over when she graduated. However, after hearing about The Actuarial Foundation’s Math Motivators tutoring program through an [...]

Thanks to the generous support of the Society of Actuaries (SOA) and its members, The Actuarial Foundation is pleased to announce nearly $129,000 has been raised for its Math Motivators tutoring program this past year. Generous contributions from SOA members during this year’s matching gift campaign and at the 2018 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit raised […]

Math Motivators Tutor Spotlight: Dylan Richelmann As a volunteer tutor for The Actuarial Foundation’s Math Motivators program, Dylan Richelmann has not only found joy in helping high school students learn math, but he has also gained valuable experience that he can utilize in his future actuarial career. Richelmann, an actuarial science major at the University of Connecticut [...]
Math Motivators Tutor Spotlight: Allison Justo From raising awareness about the actuarial profession to expanding networking opportunities for actuarial students and professional actuaries, The Actuarial Foundation’s Math Motivators program has had a variety of positive outcomes for the industry. But at its core, Math Motivators has one important goal: to help high school students succeed in math. And [...]
Actuarial Diversity Scholarship: By the Numbers The Actuarial Foundation supports the future of the actuarial profession through its scholarships and reimbursement programs. The Actuarial Diversity Scholarship program in particular has provided 387 scholarships to deserving actuarial students since 2009. Here’s a look at the Actuarial Diversity Scholarship program by the numbers. Additionally, at least four [...]
Math Motivators Tutor Spotlight: Janae Jackson For Janae Jackson, an actuarial consultant at The Hartford, the benefits of tutoring high school students through The Actuarial Foundation’s Math Motivators program are twofold: It allows her to share her passion for math with younger students, as well as helping to raise awareness for the actuarial profession. “I’ve [...]
The Actuarial Foundation is a 2018 Power of A Summit and Gold Award Winner The Actuarial Foundation (TAF) has earned 2018 ASAE Power of A Summit and Gold Awards for its Math Motivators tutoring program which provides free math tutoring to low-income middle and high school students who are paired with volunteer experts in the [...]
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