The Actuarial Foundation ensures the future of the actuarial profession through its scholarships and reimbursement programs. Recipients of Foundation scholarships are selected by representatives of the actuarial profession, who may one day be their peers. So, not only are these scholarships a means to offset the cost of education, they also serve as a prestigious recognition by a highly rated profession.

The Actuarial Foundation awarded a total of $239,000 worth of scholarship funds to 83 college students in 2021. Meet all of the winners on our Scholarship Winners Page.

For recipients of the Caribbean Actuarial Scholarship: A $500.00 bonus award is available for each CAS, IFoA or SOA exam passed while enrolled in the Actuarial Science Program at the University of the West Indies. For additional information, contact The Actuarial Foundation at:

Ways to Give to The Actuarial Foundation:

  • Online – By clicking any Donate button
  • Phone – Call The Actuarial Foundation office at 847-706-3535
  • Mail – Mail your check to The Actuarial Foundation office.