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Money Mentors is a program of The Actuarial Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing math education and financial literacy across the nation.

At Money Mentors we empower young people to make conscious choices about their resources, time, and energy. We focus on the basics of thinking about money coming in and money going out, and we avoid getting bogged down in details that aren’t relevant or practical. We strive for growth and discovery.

All course materials are provided by Money Mentors. Our tutors must pass a background check to volunteer and are trained and supported by our team of educators at every step of the way.

Tutoring commitment is one hour per week for 4 to 8 weeks. Modules focus on finance basics, planning ahead with credit, and saving and investing.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The program is structured to work 1-on-1, 1-on-2, or 1-on-3 in person. For remote programs, Money Mentors features a 1-on-1 or 1-on-2 format. We use interactive education software to engage virtually.

The schedule, frequency, and duration are flexible based on the school’s needs and desires and the tutors’ availability. See below for our base schedule that can be modified depending on the school’s preferences.

Tutors will need to complete an in-depth training on how to use the materials and teach the course, and they will be supported by the Money Mentors team throughout the program. The coordinator running the program will also be checking in with them during sessions and after sessions to see how he/she can support tutor comfort and success. We also send out weekly reminders and instructions on using the materials and timing. We have tutor guides that the tutors are expected to read before each lesson to prep their work. In addition to this training, our tutors are professionals and undergraduates from finance and STEM disciplines who are highly knowledgeable in their mathematics fields.

The course is ideal for high schoolers, particularly juniors and seniors who are applying to college and thinking about next steps after high school.

Please contact or your local Math Motivators coordinator to learn more.