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Our Mission:  The goal of Math Motivators is to close the opportunity gap to, in turn, close the achievement gap by using a volunteer-driven math tutoring program that pairs underserved middle and high school students with professionals and college students with strong mathematics backgrounds.

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Become a Math Motivator Today

  • Schools: If you are interested in implementing a program in your school or organization, read and fill out the Readiness Assessment Form, which includes details and a checklist of what is needed to get started. We will contact you to discuss specifics if it looks like the program would be a fit for helping your students improve their math skills.
  • Volunteers: Become a Math Motivators Tutor, we need volunteers to provide local support in the communities where they live and work. The time commitment for volunteer tutors is typically one hour per week from mid-September to the beginning of June. Shorter term, virtual, and summertime opportunities may also be available. Visit the Math Motivators VolunteerHub to get started.
  • Parents & Guardians: Sign up a student for Free Virtual Math Tutoring
  • Partners: If your organization is interested in partnering with Math Motivators, please reach out to and

New Offering!

Find out more about our Money Mentors financial literacy tutoring program!

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Math Motivators has expanded its program offerings to include virtual tutoring in mathematics to underserved students in grades 5-12 who need and want tutoring but cannot afford it.

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Success Stories

Students receiving tutoring through the Math Motivators program:

  • Achieved the #1 average SAT math score in the state of Connecticut when comparing students receiving free/reduced lunch.
  • Significantly outperformed students not receiving any tutoring. For example, students receiving tutoring in one Hartford school saw their test scores improve to 45% over the benchmark.
  • Increase their math course grades. In one Iowa school in October, prior to joining Math Motivators, 20 ninth-grade students were earning low Ds or Fs in Algebra. By end of semester, 95% of these students in the Math Motivators program passed Algebra, and 60% passed with As or Bs.

Program Expansion

Thanks to generous donations from the actuarial community, the Math Motivators program has expanded quickly. In the last year, we’ve grown from 5 cities to 20. The number of volunteer tutors has increased from 200 to more than 550. We’ve gone from helping 310 students in 6 high schools to more than 900 students in 40 middle schools and high schools.

Math Motivators Program Site Map

Click on the regions within the map to see specific site locations.

New England

Connecticut Hartford
Massachusetts Boston-Everett
Maine Portland
Rhode Island Providence

Active Cities
Upcoming Expansion Cities


Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.
Maryland Baltimore
New Jersey Jersey City
New York New York City
Pennsylvania Harrisburg

Active Cities
Upcoming Expansion Cities


Florida Delray Beach-Palm Beach
Georgia Atlanta-Norcross
Kentucky Louisville
North Carolina Charlotte

Active Cities
Upcoming Expansion Cities

Great Lakes

Illinois Chicago-Waukegan
Indiana Indianapolis-Carmel
Minnesota Twin Cities (includes Crystal, Fridley, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Richfield)
Wisconsin Madison

Active Cities
Upcoming Expansion Cities


Iowa Des Moines
Missouri Kansas City
St. Louis
Nebraska Lincoln

Active Cities
Upcoming Expansion Cities


Arizona Phoenix
Texas Austin
El Paso

Active Cities
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Colorado Denver
Montana Helena
Utah Salt Lake City

Active Cities
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California Fullerton
Los Angeles
Oakland-San Francisco
San Diego
Santa Barbara
Hawaii Honolulu
Washington Seattle-Bellevue

Active Cities
Upcoming Expansion Cities

How it Works

Volunteer tutors enhance math education and serve as mentors for middle and high school students who do not otherwise have access but need help with math. Math Motivators primarily focuses on Algebra 1 and pre-Algebra, but can support any math subject, including AP Calculus. There also is a free prep program for the math section of the SAT and ACT.

Math Motivators uses a 2:1 model. Two students of similar ability are paired with one tutor, who works with the students to help them become proficient in math. Tutors make a difference by sharing their knowledge, talent, and abilities with students. Serving as a mentor and a leader for students is a meaningful and rewarding experience for both tutors and students.

“I am a volunteer Algebra 1 tutor at a Hartford High School. The teacher and the students thank me after every session. It is incredibly rewarding to know I am working with students that need help with math but cannot afford to pay for a private tutor. It’s amazing to see how much impact only one hour has on their confidence.”
– Joe Finch, ASA, MassMutual

“I absolutely love being involved with this tutoring program. The relationship I have with my students is what keeps me coming back. You can see the positive impact you’re making on someone’s life.”
—Kayla Hill, Actuarial Assistant, Unum

Math Motivators Volunteer Spotlight

Jim Broulette is a Volunteer Tutor for Math Motivators at Franklin High School in Seattle, WA. A former teacher turned actuary, Jim jumped at the chance to get back in the classroom when he heard about the Math Motivators tutoring program.
Learn more about Jim’s experience with Math Motivators and his advice for students and tutors in the June/July issue of the Math Motivators newsletter.

Other Ways To Get Involved

The Math Motivators program welcomes your financial support to continue its exciting growth. Funding is needed to run the program, provide incentives for the students, share tutor training materials, and expand the program to more schools and communities. We appreciate your support! We thank you for considering a donation today.

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