Math Motivators Tutoring Program

Math Motivators Tutoring Program

The mission of the Math Motivators program is to help close the achievement gap by establishing a volunteer-driven math tutoring program that pairs high school students in under served communities with professional actuaries and college students majoring in actuarial science, mathematics, or math education.




The Actuarial Foundation is a 2018 Power of A Summit and Gold Award Winner for the Math Motivators tutoring program.

The Model

The Math Motivators program relies solely on professional actuaries and college student volunteers. The students served do not have access to tutoring, or cannot afford it. The Math Motivators Program provides math tutoring in the high schools, free of charge.

The Outcome

Three years ago, the Math Motivators program launched in Hartford, with the help of thirteen students from the University of Connecticut, tutoring in one high school.

Today, the Math Motivators program is running in Hartford and Chicago. Tutoring is taking place at four high schools in Hartford and three high schools in Chicago. The program engages over 150 corporate actuary and college student volunteers.

The program has expanded to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Maine, New York, New York and Lincoln/Omaha, Nebraska. Plans to continue expanding to more locations are underway.

Who Benefits?

High School Students who can’t afford to pay for tutoring and
who may not have individual attention in the classroom due to high student-to-teacher ratios.

Math Teachers who could use the extra support in the classroom.

Tutors from Colleges and Universities who seek to make a difference, while developing stellar communication and leadership skills working alongside actuaries.

Corporate Actuary Tutors who want a way to give back to their community doing something with their strong skill set, while balancing a demanding job.

College and Actuarial Science Programs that benefit from students developing skills as a tutor, raising their personal profile as well as the profile of their college or university.

The Actuarial Profession, which benefits by the tutors’ advancing awareness and appreciation for the profession.

“I am a volunteer Algebra 1 tutor at a Hartford High School.  The teacher and the students thank me after every session.  It is incredibly rewarding to know I am working with students that need help with math but cannot afford to pay for a private tutor.  It’s amazing to see how much impact only one hour has on their confidence.”
– Joe Finch, ASA, MassMutual


Want to learn more about Math Motivators? Download the brochure. 

Want to be a Math Motivator?  Please click here to fill out the Volunteer Form.

Ways to Give to The Actuarial Foundation:

  • Online – By clicking any Donate button
  • Phone – Call The Actuarial Foundation office at 847-706-3535
  • Mail – Mail your check to The Actuarial Foundation office.
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