Math Motivators Tutoring Program

Math Motivators Tutoring Program

The mission of the Math Motivators program is to help close the achievement gap by establishing a volunteer-driven math tutoring program that pairs low-income high school students with professional actuaries and college students majoring in actuarial science, mathematics, or math education.

As the lead sponsor of Math Motivators, the Society of Actuaries has generously offered to match any contribution its members make to the Math Motivators program from April 1 through Sept. 1, 2018 (up to US$62,500).
Learn more about the SOA Matching Gift Campaign and donate today!

The Model

The Math Motivators program relies solely on professional actuaries and college student volunteers. The students served do not have access to tutoring, or cannot afford it. The Math Motivators Program provides math tutoring in the high schools, free of charge.

The Outcome

Three years ago, the Math Motivators program launched in Hartford, with the help of 13 students from the University of Connecticut, tutoring in one high school.

Today, over 50 tutors from UCONN and 30 corporate actuaries from four insurance companies volunteer to tutor students in three different Hartford high schools. This year, the Math Motivators program expanded to Chicago. Students from DePaul University and Roosevelt University, along with one insurance company, tutor math at one high school in Chicago. The program plans on expanding to two more cities next year and will eventually be nationwide.

The Benefits

What’s in it for the high school students:
* Free tutoring.
* Individualized attention, which is harder to get as class sizes continue to grow.

What’s in it for the math teachers:

* Having extra support in the classroom is incredibly important.
* Teachers retain control over content & methodology.

What’s in it for the tutors:

* Being a Math Motivator gives students and corporate actuaries the opportunity to make a real difference, giving them a strong sense of accomplishment.
* They will also be challenged to develop stellar communication and leadership skills.
* The program offers the possibility for college tutors and corporate actuaries to build relationships with professional actuaries.

What’s in it for college and university actuarial science programs:

* The skills that the tutors develop as Math Motivators will raise their personal profile as well as the profile of their college or university.

What’s in it for the actuarial profession:

* Actuaries participating in the Math Motivators program will feel the positive impacts of making a difference in their own communities while also advancing awareness and appreciation for the actuarial profession.

“I am a volunteer Algebra 1 tutor at a Hartford High School.  The teacher and the students thank me after every session.  It is incredibly rewarding to know I am working with students that need help with math but cannot afford to pay for a private tutor.  It’s amazing to see how much impact only one hour has on their confidence.”
– Joe Finch, ASA, MassMutual


Want to be a Math Motivator?  Please click here to fill out the Volunteer Form.

Ways to Give to The Actuarial Foundation:

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  • Phone – Call The Actuarial Foundation office at 847-706-3535
  • Mail – Mail your check to The Actuarial Foundation office.
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