100 Donors in December – Thank You

Thank You!

CAS Members and CAS Past-President, Steve Lowe, for helping us to reach our goal of “100 Donors in December”.

Your incredible generosity makes the following possible:

  1. Actuary-developed and reviewed math education and financial literacy resources for teachers and students of all ages.
  2. The Modeling the Future Challenge national math competition, giving high school students exposure to the actuarial profession.
  3. Scholarship and reimbursement programs to encourage undergraduates and career-changers interested in pursuing actuarial science.
  4. Accessible math tutoring for students in need.


We are still processing 2017 donations, but will happily share the final count as soon as it is available. Thank you for your support of The Actuarial Foundation!


Jason Leppin, CFRE
Executive Director, The Actuarial Foundation

Post by Jason Grey

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