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"Dollars and Sense" – How Actuaries are Joining the Fight Against Teen Financial Illiteracy

When the email blinked into Bob Conger’s inbox in June, it brought tears to his eyes. Pemberton High School teacher Alice Drakapolous detailed what she liked about the curriculum, and also the astonishment from her students that it was handed to them for free. More >

Mind Over Money - Money Math Learning Series

Amanda Barlowski is pretty popular these days. Nike wants to sell her $100 running shoes with coordinating shorts and jacket. Motorola and Nokia are dying to sign her up for cell phones, beepers and other chirping black boxes, and Discover, Visa and Mastercard are tripping over themselves to give her thousands of dollars in credit, all for a lifetime of compounding interest. More >

Students Get Credit for Dealing with Debts - Money Math Learning Series

Adults snowed under by credit card debt and a pile of bills might wish they had taken the course Appleton North High School is set to offer next fall. More >

From Office to Classroom – Actuaries Spark Students' Love of Math

One day a month, a class full of Boston school children in one of the worst drug- and gang-infested neighborhoods in the city wait excitedly for the arrival of a group of buttoned-down professionals from the city's business district. More >