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Bars, Lines, & Pies


Grades 4-5


Bars, Lines, & Pies, an installment in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series, opens students’ minds to the practical power of graphing concepts while learning about the environment and recycling.

Expect the Unexpected With Math® -- Bars, Lines, & PiesFree Printable Math Lesson Plan and Activities

Topics Covered


Using Bars, Lines, & Pies, students will create, apply and analyze pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs.



Students will understand:

  • That a pie chart is used to represent a part-to-whole relationship;
  • That the size of each segment represents the segment’s proportion to the whole set of data;
  • How to critically read pie charts and use information to perform calculations and make predictions;
  • How to use bar graphs to represent, analyze and generalize data patterns;
  • That bar graphs show trends in data and how one variable is affected as the other rises or falls;
  • How to propose and justify predictions based on bar graph analysis;
  • That line graphs show how two pieces of information are related and how data change over time;
  • That the dependent variable of a line graph typically appears on the Y-axis, and the independent variable appears on the X-axis; and
  • That line graphs are used to analyze the nature of changes in quantities.

Bars, Lines, & Pies is aligned with NCTM standards.


About Expect the Unexpected With Math®


The dynamic lessons and activities in the Expect the Unexpected With Math® series use story lines that students find interesting to show them the fun and relevance of math. Motivate your students to achieve math success in the classroom and in real-world situations outside of school!

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