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Building Your Future Financial Literacy curriculum resource


2010 EIFLE Award


The Actuarial Foundation is proud to make Building Your Future, an award-winning financial literacy curriculum resource, available to U.S. high schools. Building Your Future is designed to help teens master the elements of personal finance and prepare for life on their own.

Building Your Future gives students multiple opportunities to practice core skills and showcases the real-world impact of the financial decisions they make. Each of the four books in the series are classroom-ready with a teacher's guide that includes handouts, answer keys, instruction and assessment suggestions. Building Your Future aligns with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Jump$tart Coalition for Financial Literacy.

Get your FREE individual set of Building Your Future!

Thanks to a generous donation from the New York Life Foundation, free individual sets of Building Your Future materials are available to U.S. high schools for a limited time.

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  • You may also be added to a list for a donated classroom set of materials, which includes 25 student books and one set of teacher guides. Please click here and complete the request form. You will be notified as soon as The Actuarial Foundation finds a donor to fund your classroom set of materials.

Download the Materials

To help teachers incorporate these materials into their instruction, the Foundation is pleased to make Building Your Future available in PDF format at no cost. You may also purchase the materials for a cost of $2.50 per booklet. To order copies of the Building Your Future curriculum resources, please use the order form at the link below. For your convenience, school purchase orders are also accepted.


Topics include; savings accounts,

checking accounts, credit cards, taxes

Teacher's Guide Book 1

Student Book 1



Topics include; loans and interest, home

loans, auto loans, insurance

Teacher's Guide Book 2

Student Book 2


Topics include; bonds, stocks, mutual funds,

risk and diversification, inflation

Teacher's Guide Book 3

Student Book 3


Topics include; paths to employment,

paying for education, making a living, retirement

Teacher's Guide Book 4

Student Book 4


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Actuaries! Download the BYF Classroom Guide here

Bring the award-winning Building Your Future to a high school near you.  Use this step-by-step guide to connect with students and ensure a successful classroom visit. 

The Actuarial Foundation wishes to thank our 2015-2016 corporate sponsors whose generosity has provided donated sets of Building Your Future to schools across the country.