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What is the future of Social Security and Medicare? How will they work into short- and long-term retirement plans? These free resources provided by The Actuarial Foundation will help guide you to your answers.

Deciding When to Take Social SecurityNew! Deciding When to Claim Social Security

A key part of the journey toward retirement is deciding when to start claiming Social Security benefits. Deciding When to Take Social Security, produced by the Society of Actuaries, provides thoughts for consideration on claiming Social Security benefits.

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When to Take Social Security Benefits: Questions to Consider
Retirees can claim Social Security benefits at any age between 62 and 70. There are sound financial reasons to work beyond the earliest age and to delay claiming Social Security benefits if you can. Published with the National Academy of Social Insurance.

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Issues Affecting Women as They Age - Social Security & Securing Your Financial Future

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond: Issues Affecting Women as They Age – Social Security & Securing Your Financial Future
This insightful paper delves into Social Security reform and various proposals to deal with long-term solvency issues and their impact on women.
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Financial Smarts Newsletter 

Providing consumers with the insights they need to make informed decisions, Financial Smarts covers today's most pressing topics. 

Getting to Know Social Security and When to Claim It

Learn the benefits of waiting to claim Social Security, what spouses can do to maximize their benefits and special tax planning strategies.

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