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John Hanson Memorial Prize

The John Hanson Memorial Prize is considered on an annual basis for the best paper on an employee benefits topic. Submissions are judged on appropriateness of subject material, timeliness of topic, a logical development of original idea(s), and practical application to employee benefits.

Eligible papers must:

  • have been published within the past two years,
  • may only be submitted once, and
  • papers must be eligible for reprinting and distribution by the Conference of Consulting Actuaries and The Actuarial Foundation.

Nominations and submissions are open and not limited to U.S. actuaries. The author does not need to be a member of the Conference and self-nominations are accepted and encouraged. The prize consists of a cash award, meeting registration fee waiver for the Conference’s Annual Meeting at the time the prize is presented and a recognition plaque.

Nomination deadline is June 1.

Click here to submit a paper for consideration for the John Hanson Memorial Prize.

For additional information contact The Actuarial Foundation at or 847-706-3535.

John Hanson Memorial Prize Honorees


Year Author Title/ Reference
2015 Jonathan Forman and Michael Sabin "Tontine Pensions"
2014 Stéphane Levert, FSA, FCIA "Sustainability of the Canadian Health Care System and Impact of the 2014 Revision to the Canada Health Transfer"

James Pierlot, B.A., L.L.B, B.C.L., L.L.M.

Faisal Siddiqi, FSA, FCIA

"Legal for Life: Why Canadians Need a Lifetime Retirement Saving Limit"

Published by C.D. Howe Institute

2010 David MacLennan, ASA, EA "Benefit Adjustments for Multiple Annuity Starting Dates"

Jeremy Gold, FSA, MAAA, FCA, CERA

Gordon Latter, FSA

"The Case for Marking Public Pension Plan Liabilities to Market"
Jonathan Barry Forman, JD
Yung-Ping (Bing) Chen, Ph.D.
"Optimal Retirement Age"

Aaron Meder, FSA, EA
Renato Staub, Ph.D.

“Linking Pension Liabilities to Assets” Published October 2007 issue of the Actuarial Practice Forum (APF)
2007 Donald E. Fuerst,
"Risk Allocation in Retirement Plans: A Better Solution"
2006 Jeremy Gold, FSA, Ph.D. "Retirement Benefits, Economic and Accounting: Moral Hazard and Frail Benefit Designs"
2004 Tony Day "Financial Economics and Actuarial Practice," The Proceedings, Vol. LIV
Edward E. Burrows,
"Fixing the Pension Plan Funding Rules," The Proceedings, Vol. LIV
2000 Robert L. Brown,
"Impacts on Economic Security Programs of Rapidly Shifting Demographics," The Proceedings, Vol. XLIX
Robert J. Rietz,
"Early Retirement Subsidies: A Plan Design Whose Time Has Passed?," The Proceedings, Vol. XLIX
1992 E. Paul Barnhart, FSA, MAAA "1991 Long Term Care Continuance Tables," The Proceedings, Vol. XLI
1991 Daniel F. McGinn, EA, FCA, FSA "Multiemployer Retirement Plans in the 1990s," The Proceedings, Vol. LX
1987 William H. Blake, EA, FCA, FSA, MAAA "1985 Disability Study," The Proceedings, Vol. XXXVI

About John Hanson

The John Hanson Memorial Prize was established in honor of John Hanson, a long time treasurer of the Conference of Consulting Actuaries. Mr. Hanson’s papers on pension funding and accounting set the standard for this important topic.



Jonathan Forman, 2015 Hanson Award Recipient

Michael Sabin, 2015 Hanson Award Recipient