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THe THIRST REMAINS for school classrooms

“Education is always running on a tight budget. Your donation gives one class the opportunity to have new curriculum resources. Thank you for caring about the financial education of our high school youth.” –
Teacher, Bremerton High School, Bremerton, Wash.

The Actuarial Foundation launched the QUENCH THE THIRST fundraising campaign to bring donated classroom sets of the Building Your Future financial literacy curriculum to teachers nationwide.

Engaging and informative, the award-winning Building Your Future curriculum gives teens a lifetime of sound personal financial and money management skills, covering topics such as credit cards, loans, investment risk and diversification, and managing bank accounts. The Foundation developed Building Your Future to reach these individuals before they face the challenges of life on their own and to enable them to make smart financial decisions today and in the future.

View the Waiting List of Schools

Click here to view the waiting list of schools requesting a donated classroom set of the Building Your Future materials.

Donate Today

Your gift of $250 provides one high school classroom with the Building Your Future curriculum. Materials can be sent to one of the hundreds of schools requesting to receive a donated classroom set. To donate online, click the "Donate Now" button below or download and submit the written THE THIRST REMAINS donation form.

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Schools that Received Classroom Sets

Thanks to the generosity of our donors and corporate sponsors more than 2,900 schools have a received a classroom set of Building Your Future materials....more



Notes of Appreciation

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  • “We are a very small school district and must deal with limited budgets. Your generous donation has made it possible for me to deliver additional curriculum to our entire senior class! Your philanthropic endeavors are an important model for all of us to follow.”
    Hitchcock County High School (NE)
  • “I know the students will learn something that they can carry with them forever.”
    Chopticon High School (MD)
  • “Thank you for your generous donation. Your support of our school and community is recognized and truly appreciated.”
    Morton High School (IL)
  • “The students are pouring through the books as I type. We have piecemealed our Financial Literacy program with materials from the FDIC, local credit unions, etc. These books really bring it all together.”
    Bunker Hill Community College (MA)
  • “I teach Family & Consumer Sciences and will use this curriculum in a new course. The majority of the lessons will involve teaching students financial responsibilities. I can’t wait to implement it.”
    Homer-Center High School (PA)
  • “Awesome – thank you!”
    Lakeville South High School (MN)
  • “These materials are fantastic! As a classroom teacher, I am always looking for information that brings our textbooks to life.”
    Southington High School (CT)
  • “I always look for creative ways to teach my students about money and financial management.”
    North Forsyth High School (NC)
  • “Education is always running on a tight budget and we are so thankful for people who speak up and take action. Your donation gives one class the opportunity to have new curriculum resources. Thank you for caring about the financial education of our high school youth.”
    Bremerton High School (WA)
  • “You can be assured that we will put these books to great use in our Personal Financial Responsibility class. In a time when schools face ever increasing cutbacks, this gift is much appreciated. It is our goal to make our students as financially literate as possible.”
    Twin Lakes High School (IN)
  • “The Building Your Future resource materials will greatly help our math teachers to utilize this curriculum designed to teach about banking, interest rates, taxes, credit cards, loans and all aspects of real-life living.”
    Hoover High School (IA)
  • “I had a student come in yesterday and tell me that she had opened a checking account and had written her first check—all by herself. It’s great to see students applying the material we cover in class in real-life situations.”
    Macomb High School (OK)
  • “It is essential to teach financial management or personal finance to students so that they will learn the value of having a personal financial plan, understanding their personal finances and making good consumer choices.”
    Troy High School (OH)
  • “I am very thankful to have received such a high-quality product. The topics and lessons are very appropriate for my classes. These materials will make a huge difference in the learning for my students.”
    Washington County High School (KS)
  • “At times, in our current curriculum, we find it a struggle to find relevant materials to complement our instruction. The Building Your Future lesson plans are just what we need to help students grasp how important financial literacy is to everyday life.”
    Charleston High School (TN)
  • “I was so proud to receive a classroom set of the Building Your Future resource materials. I have used them in three different classes and it has been very helpful to show the students about financial needs. Thank you so much for being a part of this system.”
    Westside Public Schools (AR)
  • "During these challenging economic times, it is invaluable to have organizations such as yours invest in the education of our students. The materials represent the practical information our students need to be successful in life.”
    Santiago High School (CA)
  • “As a high school business education teacher, these books will be used to help today’s youth master the foundational elements of personal finance and prepare for life after high school.”
    Bergenfield High School (NJ)
  • “Thank you for sharing your time and knowledge.”
    Coral Shores High School (FL)
  • "I am very excited about using the financial literacy series, Building Your Future, in my classroom. I was impressed with the insightful, informative information shared through this series of books.”
    Rock Bridge High School (MO)
  • “Your gift will play a great role in extending our present and future curriculum, as well as calling our attention to a wonderful new friend of education.”
    Marengo High School (AL)
  • “It is through the kind benefactors that we are able to supplement our teaching materials and stay current with today’s growing economy. We truly appreciate it.”
    Appomattox County High School (VA)
  • “Your donation will make a positive impact on the education we can provide our students. It has been a challenge to find meaningful, age appropriate, challenging curriculum.”
    Thunderbird High School (AZ)
  • “Your donation of books makes it possible for me to offer my students the opportunity to learn about personal finance and have an actual book to learn from—something we don’t have many of.”
    Belen High School (NM)
  • “Although our school district, like many in the nation, are feeling the pinch of a slow economy, it is always a treat to receive current resources for my students, as our textbooks are generally not updated for a minimum of 7-10 years.”
    Borah High School (ID)
  • “We loved the resources because they were able to meet the needs of the diverse learner from easy to comprehend to critical thinking. The resources were also well accepted by the students for content and ability to understand.”
    Clara Barton High School (NY)
  • “Thank you for your generous contribution. The materials will be put to good use. The content is excellent and in a ready-to-use format which makes it easy to incorporate into the classroom.”
    Winner High School (SD)
  • “I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your donation! Your generosity will allow me to better prepare my students for life after high school.
    North Posey High School (IN)
  • “These materials are greatly appreciated during these times of tight budgets. The students enjoyed using the materials as they provided a different perspective on financial matters.”
    Red Oak High School (IA)
  • “Our small, rural schools district is experiencing financial difficulties that I have not seen in the twenty years that I have taught business subjects. I want to say thank you on behalf of my students and myself for these valuable materials.”
    Central A&M High School (IL)
  • “Your thoughtfulness and generosity has provided my classroom with resources and materials that are of great benefit to my student’s financial future.”
    Elkin Middle School, (NC)
  • “Your donation is making difference in the lives of students. There are not enough words to say Thanks!!”
    Ames High School (IA)